EST 2016


Our plant based products enhance & honor your true beauty,

meanwhile honoring Earth and her true gifts.


Our organic cosmetics enhance your natural beauty with gentle ingredients that nourish your skin. 


we embody a true organic self-love lifestyle that

honors your inner as well as your outer beauty.




We care about the planet and are committed to doing our best to be a conscious company.

We stand true to our social values, and responsibility of giving back to our planet.


Switching your old beauty products can be challenging, but Carolina Cosmetics makes it easier by providing you with alternatives that bring the beauty within.

We encourage you to rise to that challenge.

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Meet Carolina

"I always liked the idea of making women feel beautiful, everyone deserves to be happy. Enhancing your true natural beauty will enlighten the soul behind the smile." - Carolina
Her journey began in 2015 after completing her studies in cosmetology and gaining advanced certifications in hair and makeup. Passionate about her work and her clients skin, Carolina set out to spread awareness about chemical free alternative beauty products. Quickly she learned she would have to create the products she'd want to use in order to have a clean beauty brand she loved. Today, her products are organic and skin friendly even if used daily.

She was dedicated to formulate and create fine products for conscious women and men.

Carolina Cosmetics was established in 2016, using only 100 percent natural and preeminent organic components.

Carolina is a master hair stylist/colorist as well as a master makeup artist certified in the USA.