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True Beauty

Make an Impression

Radiate with earthy tones that speak your intentions.


Using our aloe based Silk Complexion Primer, we start by evening out the skin with a thin base. Starting with the eyes, we used our concealer shade in Maia to help create a base, then followed through with our Taupe shade to create a smokey blend. 



Second, after cleaning up any excess makeup under the eyes, we go in with our Buildable Foundation, start by pumping a small amount of product onto your sponge or brush Using our Caro In Cairo Bronzer to finish off the look and help accentuate the contour line of the cheekbones, temples and jawline.  



Completing the face with our water based mascara and our brow pomade to complete her eyes. We lightly feather in the lashes starting at the root of the hair growth and allow the bristles to brush smoothly into the hairs, repeat as needed before the product begins to dry. Then, Using our brow pomade and a small angled brush, begin to lightly dab into the product allowing the bristles to marry the product. Start on the outer part of the eyebrows near the temples and lightly begin creating strokes within the brows flowing the hair growth, work your way inward slightly to create a natural look.



Lastly, using our ultra-matte liquid lip colour to fuse with lips for a lightweight moisturizing feel with comfortable coverage that lasts.