Our rice based pressed highlighter allows you to have a silky smooth look without the need for a creme based formula. This highlighter will leave your skin glowing without the excess coverage.


Our rice based Highlighters are made for your everyday glow! With our buidlable formula, this highlighter will leave your skin glowing and shining all day long!


Talc Free / Gluten Free / Vegan / Non GMO


12 g / 0.42 oz




  • Organic Rice Powder

Absorbs oils to achieve a balanced complexion.


  • Organic Grape Seed Oil

Decreases clogged pores, moisturizes and balances the skin, & minimizes wrinkles.


  • Organic Rosemary Leaf Powder

Helps to protect skin and soothe redness

Organic & Plant Based Pressed Highlighter

Color: Moonlight

Begin with a fan brush and start brushing the product back and forth in a liner pattern. Then, begin to highlight the cheeckbones starting at the hairline to create a soft glow. Being as its a buildable product, apply as desired.